Building Value Together

Welcome to Laser Midstream Energy

Creative Commercial & Technical Agility


We consider our CREATIVE COMMERCIAL & TECHNICAL AGILITY with both a focus on and deep experience in the development and growth of asset businesses midstream, a meaningful advantage in this highly competitive industry. While delivering optimized solutions to our customers and maintaining the high safety and reliability standards they expect (and we demand).

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Productivity Enhancing Culture


Laser Midstream has a proven track record of successful transactions and returns to investors, and deep experience in all aspects of midstream operations. The team is dedicated to creating a PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCING CULTURE of continuous improvement and leadership development through adherence to our core values. Our team has been battle-tested and operating together as a cohesive unit through the most severe downturn in the last 20 years.

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The Laser Midstream Difference

Multi-Basin Prospecting

  • Focusing on 4 basins with greatest opportunity
  • Team scaled to handle multiple deals 
  • Mitigates and diversifies enterprise risk

Robust Professional Networks

  • Deep E&P relationships for closing transactions
  • Midstream business networks reaching nationwide

Rock Solid Competencies

  • Natural gas gathering, treating, processing and development 
  • Solution provider for optimizing ultimate economics for our customers

Focused on Conservative Debt Structure Below 3X EBITDA

  • Creating a competitive cost of capital while positioning the enterprise for greater stability
  • Rigorous attention to improving efficiencies

Cohesive & Developed 
Management Team

  • Continuous improvement process structured into regular operations
  • Fluid marketing and team communications
  • Willing to do whatever it takes

Two-Pronged Expansion

  • Acquisitions – Team has extensive deal-making experience
  • Greenfield Projects – Team has developed dozens of successful energy projects

We are excited to tell you about our future!

And we hope you will be a part of it.

Hope you are having a great start to 2019. You may have seen the recent announcement that our highly experienced management team launched Laser Midstream Energy (“Laser3”) in February 2019. This, our 4th private equity backed midstream venture, will seek to acquire, build and expand natural gas and oil transportation and processing assets to dramatically increase efficiency in North America’s oil and gas sector. We will focus on multiple basins for opportunities. Our new tagline says it all: Energy Delivered!

North America is awash with new oil and gas development, all of which needs to be gathered, processed and transported to market. Laser’s battle-tested, customer-service-driven management team understands how to maximize corporate resources to develop, own and operate midstream energy infrastructure, with maximum efficiency, while maintaining a dual focus on growth and safety.

To achieve our aggressive corporate goals over the next three years, Laser is seeking multiple new business opportunities and business counter-party partners. Our expertise is in closing acquisitions and combining assets to harness synergies; expanding those footprints to extend those synergies; and executing high-return infrastructure projects from scratch. We always maintain a “laser”-like focus on delivering win-win value for all stakeholders.

As Laser continues to grow, it’s worth noting Azure’s assets were not sold by its owners in 2018. We will continue to manage and develop the Azure Midstream system assets to increase value, decrease costs and maintain a singular focus on award-winning safety.

We look forward to updating you here on Laser’s progress and working together in the days ahead.

IJ "Chip" Berthelot, II