Our Services

Our Services

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The Laser Midstream Difference

Multi-Basin Prospecting

  • Focusing on 4 basins with greatest opportunity
  • Team scaled to handle multiple deals 
  • Mitigates and diversifies enterprise risk

Robust Professional Networks

  • Deep E&P relationships for closing transactions
  • Midstream business networks reaching nationwide

Rock Solid Competencies

  • Natural gas gathering, treating, processing and development 
  • Solution provider for optimizing ultimate economics for our customers

Focused on Conservative Debt Structure Below 3X EBITDA

  • Creating a competitive cost of capital while positioning the enterprise for greater stability
  • Rigorous attention to improving efficiencies

Cohesive & Developed 
Management Team

  • Continuous improvement process structured into regular operations
  • Fluid marketing and team communications
  • Willing to do whatever it takes

Two-Pronged Expansion

  • Acquisitions – Team has extensive deal-making experience
  • Greenfield Projects – Team has developed dozens of successful energy projects