About Us

We are Laser Midstream Energy

Laser Midstream Energy, LLC (“Laser Midstream”) was founded in February 2019 and is based in Katy, Texas.

Laser Midstream is FORGED FOR GROWTH with acute alignment of sponsor/management team governance and access to capital to execute growth-oriented transactions to expand the enterprise and optimize North America’s energy systems. Laser Midstream will leverage our extensive industry relationships to promote competitive positioning and timely deal execution.

Laser Midstream’s management team, led by Chip Berthelot, has a proven track record of successful transactions and returns to investors, as well as deep experience in all aspects of midstream operations. The team is dedicated to creating a PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCING CULTURE of continuous improvement and leadership development through adherence to our core values. Our team has been battle-tested and operating together as a cohesive unit through the most severe downturn in the last 20 years.

We consider our CREATIVE COMMERCIAL & TECHNICAL AGILITY with both a focus on an deep experience in the development and growth of asset businesses midstream, a meaningful advantage in this highly competitive industry. While delivering optimized solutions to our customers and maintaining the high safety and reliability standards they expect (and we demand).

Value Proposition

What We Offer

  • Uniquely accomplished senior management team with over a century of combined energy and pipeline experience
  • Skilled at building enterprise value through acquisitions (and expansion projects) and new business/greenfield project development
  • Proven track record optimizing asset performance and value, while maintaining and extending the long-term economic life of our assets
  • Industry leading OSHA safety record for every year since acquiring TGGT/ETG assets (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Demonstrated fiduciary excellence, even in most severe situations

What Makes It Work

  • Aligned Governance & Sponsor Management Team
  • Optimized Solutions for Customer Value
  • Technical & Commercial Agility
  • Productivity Enhancing Culture
  • Continuous Efficiency Improvements
  • Just Plain Old Hard Work

How We Create Value

  • Acquisitions
    • Expense synergy realization from consolidation opportunities
    • Capture expansions & “bolt-ons”
    • Optimize and enhance business service & contract margins
  • Projects
    • Flexible & scalable engineering designs
    • Aggressive capital cost management
    • Bullet-proof contracts that are also flexible in meeting customer needs
  • Corporately
    • High quality team/leadership with an acute focus on the right culture and creating value
    • Productive relationships with our neighbors (politicians, regulators & landowners)
    • Growth focus - "The day job is to grow!"

Our Core Values

We operate guided by the following core values:

Safety & Customer Service are “Permission to Play” Values

To play on our team, everyone must embrace both our safety and customer service culture.


We wear different hats, and have multi-skilled team members that focus on appropriate risks while leveraging creative problem solving.

Profitability & Growth Driven

For the company – EBITDA, volumes, breadth of services, and geographic diversification. For the team and individuals – intellectual & personal growth, as well as financial success.

Compete Aggressively & Fairly

We will win business consistently against our competitors with integrity. We compete with our colleagues internally while ensuring collaboration and teamwork.

Informal & Efficient

We embrace performing in a relaxed and non-traditional business environment with relentless discipline and vigor on our most important priorities.

Fun & Family Focused

An open and candid workplace that is exciting and fun We focus on our family priorities while realizing our primary mission is to enrich their lives emotionally, intellectually and financially.